Princess Thunder Paw’s Thats ME!

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I’m a full blooded Siberian Husky.

(What ever that means!!)

I’m (when this picture was taken) about 6 mo. old. My Mommy say’s I’m quite a handful!! How can I be I’m JUST a puppy. I keep telling her that BUT she seems to think I should act like a older dog!

Geezzz whats a pup to do. 

I GOTTA run and play and chewing up things in in my puppy contract.

Heck it’s my DUTY.

Whats a poor misunderstood pup to do?


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  • imasiberian: Well, Princess Thunder Paws or may I call you Ginger? This is some blog you set up without your leader knowing. Congratulations on your first blog.
  • turbothesibe: Ha roooooo! Welcome to the world of blogging. I have to say that you are a very good looking husky. I'm a red husky, too, so I know these things. I
  • dkwall: Hey welcome to the blogging world. The Thundering Herd always loves company in the blogosphere.